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We provide CHIP TIMEKEEPING for Events




„Czech Sport Timing“ has been estblished in spring of 2017 to connect growing trend of interest in local sport Events with professional service of timekeeping.

We focus on building partnership with directors / organisers from small local to middle size Events. We provimde timekeeping service according the specifics of Event and/or by Your requirements. Result sets are designed to satisfy all involved.

There are many of Race Events of Running, MTB, Duathlon, Triathlon, Gigathlon, In-line, running the extreme hurdles, cross-country skiing, skialpinism organised in many cities, places, areas of nature and ski resorts year to year.

Do You organise Race Event in your location?


Do You thing you may hardly do timekeeping service and final ranking?

We’re ready to be… Timekeepers of Your Event.




Each Event has it‘s specifics. We offer the easiest and always reliable solution by Your requirements. We are looking forward to call and/or e-mail from You.

Our service is provide mainly in area of Czech Republic. But If Your Event is located not far abroad we are ready to discuss more details to make a Tailor Made deal.

Before the race

   In simple mode We need just „participants file“ with standard differentials (names, gender, YoB, Club, Contest, +whatever else is needed).

•   OnLine registration by the specific of Your Event (individuals, pairs, teams, clubs, AG, fee payment, additional options e.g. T-shirt size, type of gift, …)

•   Production of Bibs for runners and/or bike. Bib can have chip integrated. Bib design is up to Your decision. Logos of Your business partners and Participants name can be use. We will send You grafic visualisation to approve.

We will hand over the chips to your registrars according to mutual agreement.

Before start and during the race:

•   Registration of incoming participation.

•   LIVE ranking in TV screen or any HDMI connection You will have, immediately when detecting chips by ground antenna

After the race:

• Sets of race results by Your requirements and/or by the Event specifics

    o   We immediately print results to the final Award ceremony

•  Event certificates (pdf) for each participant. The design of certificate is up to You.

•   Possibly personal time and results info via e-mail to each participant

TECHNOLOGIES, which we use



We use devices and software of professional German brand. The same equipment were used on Marathon in Jerusalem (25,000 participants) and in Marathon in Vencuver SunRun2016 and 2017 (over 42,000 runners). Via these biggest World Events we just want to declare the quality of the system and process of timekeeping service.

The system has no limitations to the season and its weather, nor types of sports, competition system (pairs, teams, relay, multisport disciplines).

 We have chosen the “passive” HuTag chip technology. The chip does not have a battery, so its antenna detection is not limited. The chip is placed on a neoprene tape with a velcro fastener. It is most often placed above the ankle.

We use ground antennas with a length of 4.8m. It can be shortened/prolong by the need to separate/add the required number of segments according to the needs of a narrower/wide corridor. Before your favorite esspresso will have prepared we will easily install the antenna in the designed area.

The ground antenna decoder can work 6-7 hours without an electrical connection. It can be placed, for example, at the farrest spot of the track (check, split-time). Decoder works independently of PC. Thanks to data connectivity sends its records immediately to the main PC. In case of off-line mode, it is possible to record detections into the USB stick.