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We have a lot of swimming from our childhood, running on skis and in boots (a few years ago, a few marathons and in the field), trampled on a fairy tale and on the road, rode something in flip flops and in soft shoes on a board, swung on a trapeze and parallel bars and rings. Paddleboard and light fast skialp is currently in the course! An unfulfilled childhood dream, then a cyclotrial, now a biketrial is soon expected – Masters category, look forward 🙂

“Czech Sport Timing” was established in the spring of 2017 with the intention of connecting the trend of local races for the public, which has been growing for several years, with a high-quality timing service.

Our goal is to be a partner to the organizers of smaller local to medium-sized races for the public. And provide them with the measurement of the competitors’ times according to the assignment and deliver the result reports to the maximum satisfaction of all interested parties.

We observe that in many cities or natural recreation and sports areas and localities, interesting races are held every year in running, MTB, cyclocross, duathlon, triathlon, gigathlon, in-line, running over demanding obstacles, cross-country skiing and, in recent years, in sports ski mountaineering.


Do you organize races for the public in your location?


Are you wondering how you will measure races, evaluate them and get results for all categories, circuits or sections, individuals, pairs or teams?

We will measure it for you!




Each race has its own specifics. According to the proposals and your other requirements, we will propose the simplest and always reliable solution. We look forward to your phone call or e-mail.

We provide services throughout the Czech Republic.


Pre-Race Services:

•   In the simplified mode, it is sufficient to supply a list of registered participants with standard distinguishing parameters (names, gender, year, route length, + what needs to be distinguished in the race)

•   Online registration of competitors according to the specifics of your race (individuals, pairs, teams, clubs, age categories, entry fee payment processing, additional registration options (food, t-shirt size, type of gift…)). Online registration is preferred for more practical reasons.

•  Preparation of timing file, testing of all calculations and output reports using race simulation

•  Preparation of electronic diploma. You only supply an “empty” graphic background.

•  Upon request, we can provide starting numbers, either without a chip or in a variant with an integrated one-time chip. The numbers can have graphics according to the concept of your plant, incl. necessary logos of your business partners or names of competitors

•  We will pass the chips to your registration staff as mutually agreed. As a rule, before starting the presentation of the competitors.

Before the start and during the race:

•   Registration of incoming competitors

•   Mass start, separate starts for each route or category or in any combination

•   Corrections during the race (year, route, typo in name or club…)

•   Automated continuous order of competitors in the projection on the TV or any HDMI connection, immediately upon detection of the chip; in the online measurement mode, everything is accessible to anyone from anywhere on your website or the site of the plant.

Post-Race Services:

•   Result reports according to your requirements and the specifics of your race

•   Instant printing of lineup for announcement ceremony

•   Electronic certificates/diplomas for each participant/teams according to your design or graphics of your race

•   A stern notification e-mail with the result to each participant after the finish line